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The Regius Nano-P CR system is a high performing dependable system in a compact size. Processing 60 14x17 plates per hour, this CR allows you to take care of more patients in less time.

The Nano-P CR features Konica Minolta's newest CS-2 intelligent control station software with auto-recognition and self-learning capabilities. It is a simple to use CR system that automatically recognizes each exam view and applies the processing algorithms appropriate for each image. You'll be able to generate high quality diagnostic images with minimal training and fewer steps for improved workflow.

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Modernize Your Imaging Workflow With Revolutionary CR Technology

The Physician's Digital Radiography Solution

Now you can convert your practice to digital radiography with the ImagePilot CR System. It is specifically designed for Private Practice Offices.

ImagePilot CR is the newest technology in CR imaging. It simplifies CR image acquisition to a push of a button. This is made possible by AutoPilot Image Processing, which completely automates the image optimization process.

In addition, ImagePilot pioneers the true meaning of an integrated CR system, as it combines CR acquisition, patient registration, image viewing and storage in one easy to use and maintain system.

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Konica Minolta ImagePilot Sigma is the best entry level digital radiography solution specifically designed for low - volume practices that take their diagnostic imaging seriously.

Key benefits of the Konica Minolta ImagePilot Sigma include:

  • All-In-One Design -Easiest for the staff to learn. Reduces IT support requirements.
  • AutoPilot -Automatic image processing for unsurpassed consistency in image quality.
  • Simplified Image Acquisition -Single click workflow increases productivity.
  • Same User Interface At Every Workstation -learn only one system.
  • Easy-To-Use And Feature Rich Viewing Screen -Image adjustments, annotations, measurements, inputs and outputs, customizable for basic to advanced users.


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iCRco 3600


Ideal for General Radiology, Imaging Centers, Orthopedics and Small Specialty Clinics

The iCR3600 is a large format CR that can be used in all areas of General Radiology. This CR can accommodate all size cassettes. Its patented design incorporates a True Flat Scan PathT technology, ultra precise scan mechanism and protective cassettes to produce 300,000+ High Resolution, Artifact Free and Uncompromised Images per plate.

At only 78 pounds, iCR3600 is the lightest CR in the market and provides true portability. Have your images ready in seconds for sending to a PACS, print out hard copies via an iCRco Dry Printer or burn your images on to a CD or a DVD.

iCR3600 is wall mountable or table top CR that is ideal for small spaces or for installation inside the x-ray room for maximium workflow.


True Flat Scan PathT

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iCRco 3600SF


World's Only Fully Automatic Small Format CR

Ideal for Podiatry, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, General Radiology and Small Clinics

The iCR3600SF is world's only fully automatic small format CR. iCR3600SF supports 8 x 10 and 10 x 12 cassettes and weights only 42 pounds. Ideal for Podiatry, Orthopedic and Pediatric practices this wall mountable CR is built for small spaces or for installation inside the X-Ray room for maximum productivity.

This CR is part of compelte solution that provides everything you need to convert from conventional to digital radiography seamlessly. The solution includes QPC XSCAN32 software with variety of features from viewing, post processing, archiving to PACS and RIS/EMR integration as well as many others.



True Flat Scan PathT

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iCRco 7200


Only Dual Bay CR to Scan Both Plates at the Same Time

Ideal for High Traffic Hospitals, Busy Imaging Centers and Facilities with Multiple Exam Rooms

The iCR7200 Dual Bay CR defines a whole new class in the arena of multi loader CR solutions. Two separate CR reading modules allow for simultaneous scanning of 2 plates resulting in an ultra high throughput of up to 140 14x17 plates per hour.

Both modules are based on the patented iCRco design incorporating the True Flat Scan PathT, an ultra precise scan mechanism and protective cassettes to produce 300,000+ high resolution images per plate. Fraction of the cost of all other Multi Loader CRs, iCR7200 is the most affordable and fastest Dual Bay CR in the market today. This Dual Bay CR is right answer for busy clinics and hospitals considering it provides 188 mixed plates an hour throughput.


True Flat Scan PathT

iCR7200 Brochure

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Vmotion is a digital conversion kit designed specifically for your GE AMX 4 and 4+ portable x-ray machines. Now you can go digital without having to purchase new portable x-ray!

  • Cost effective upgrade kit
  • Can be easily added or removed to existing GE AMX4 or AMX4+
  • Ideal for the OR, ER, or while on rounds, the Vmotion Upgrade Kit's onboard CR reader and large touch-screen monitor
  • Greatly improves productivity and workflow for your AMX portable X-ray machine by eliminating
  • Digital imaging improves patient care and outcome by providing immediate image visualization to facilitate clinical decisions at point-of-care
  • Operates 100% independently of your existing GE AMX portable machine (No mechanical or electrical modifications are made to your AMX.)



True Flat Scan PathT


Vmotion Brochure

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The World's First

CR and DR in one Device


It combines cassette-based CR technology with integrated DR technology to give you the best of both worlds.

  • True Positioning Freedom - all examination types can be done with Fusion - upright and table exposures, in addition to bedside and bucky exposures
  • Economical Solution - easily integrates with your existing x-ray room equipment, no need to buy new x-ray equipment
  • Proven Longevity - built strong with NO Fragile and expensive DR plates
  • DR Qualtiy Images with CR Versatility - Fusion gives you high-resolution images in both CR and DR modes
  • Wall stand mountable, easily adjustable height
  • 14" x 17" and 10" x 12" cassette sizes are used with iCRco's revolutionary Flat Scan PathT technology to produce 300,000+ artifact free images
  • Compact, Sustainable Design - Using minimal plastics, Fusion is built with strong, durable, recyclable materials to minimize replacement and waste, while maximizing benefits to the ecosystem.
  • Compact in design, Fusion leaves a small footprint on many levels.

True Flat Scan PathT


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The CR Pro™ is high-productivity, small footprint, 16 bit CR System designed for all primary diagnostic radiology applicaitons. It is designed and manufactured at Southern California high tech manufacturing plant.

  • Complete System - is a compact mobile unit with embedded CPU and complete image acquisition and DICOM transmission capabilitiets. Included features:
    • Image Acquire
    • DICOM Print
    • Multi-Modality Router
    • Modality Worklist
    • Local Archive
    • CD Burner
    • Touch-Screen Flat Panel Display
  • User Friendly - touch-screen software interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Plate processing is less than 45 seconds, which greatly improves patient care and productivity.
  • Self Contained - it is on wheels and can be easily moved throughout your facility.
  • Superior Image Quality - Radlink's core technology utilizes proprietary sealed fibers (patent pending) that maximize energy transfer and preserve image quality. Radlink's advanced post-processing software generates images with improved contrast and visibility even at lower x-ray doses.
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership - this cassette based system maximizes the life of costly phosphor-image plates.
  • Unparalleled Customer Support

Radlink CR Pro™ Brochure

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