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Maximum Versatility in a Tabletop Design

The SRX-101A tabletop processor offers variable speeds which can be set from within the processor. This allows you to choose the optimum cycle speed to match your processing needs. Konica Minolta's 90 second cycle allows fast developing of all super rapid processable films.

  • 90 Second Super Rapid Processing Cycle
  • 120 Second Standard Processing Cycle
  • 180 Second Extended Processing Cycle


The Konica Minolta SRX-101A processor produces high quality radiographs with easy operation and is the ideal choice for imaging sites, diagnostic centers, and private practice offices. The SRX-101A processor is perfect for reliable low volume applications, especially where space is at a premium.

The compact design of the SRX-101A saves valuable space and incorporates an automatic standby with jog cycle for conserving water and energy. State-of-the-art technology stabilizes developer and dryer temperatures. It also offers automatic replenishment.



Control Panel

Depending on your space requirement, the control panel can be situated on either side of the processor. The SRX-101A plugs into any dedicated 110V outlet so that no special wiring is needed.

Feed Tray

A 17-inch wide film transport system provides faster film feed for larger radiographs, or two 8"x10" films (or smaller) can be processed side-by-side. Up to 75 10" x 12" or 60 14" x 17" films can be processed per hour at the 90 second processing cycle.



Innovative Design

An innovative rack design and smooth plastic tanks make periodic cleaning remarkably easy and simplifies routine maintenance. The SRX-101A incorporates a quiet operating infrared drying system for consistent drying of radiographs, and a light right feed tray cover permits the operator to leave the darkroom during the film feed.

Konica Quality

We've earned our reputation worldwide as quality imaging professionals who stand behind every box of film and each piece of imaging equipment. Not only are you supported with quality programs, you are service by quality people. People who truly care are ready to assist you with whatever you may need. We're Konica Minolta, and we work harder for you.

Outer Dimensions of SRX-101A
Dimensions: 610 x 680 (900 incl. feed tray) x 452mm
(W x D x H) 24 x 26.8 (35.4 incl. feed tray) x 17.8 inch

SRX-101A Specifications

Film Transport Method

Continuous roller transport

Film Type and Sizes

Sheet film, 10x10cm–35x43cm sizes (14"x17”)

Processing Capacity


10x12inch or 24x30cm

14x17inch (35x43cm)

90 sec.



120 sec.



180 sec.


40 (sheets/hr)

Process Cycle Switching

Available by a service engineer

Processing Solution Volumes

DEV tank : 3.9 liters (1.03 gallons)
FIX tank : 1.8 liters (0.47 gallons)
WASH tank : 1.4 liters (0.37 gallons)

Circulation System

Continuous pumping of DEV and FIX solutions

Temperature Control

Processing solution temperature - Controlled by the temperature control tank, with the thermistor monitoring, and with the heater heating.
Drying temperature -
Controlled automatically according to a fixed temperature setting.

Replenishing System

Replenishing volume for the film sheet is calculated with exchanging 10x12 inch film

Wash Water

Ordinary tap water 41–86°F (5–30°C)
Water pressure 49–686kPa (0.5–7kgf/cm 2 ) (7–99.56psi)

Water Supply

0.8 liters (0.22 gallon) /min.

Standby Functions

10 min./30 min./Continuous operation.
(Selectable by a service engineer)

Power Source

AC 115/120V, single phase, 12A, 60 Hz.


88lb (103.4lb with processing solutions)
40kg (47kg with processing solutions)


Conforms to UL, FDA

Applied Standard


Heat Generation

Approx. 3,135kJ/hr max.

Noise Level

Approx. 55dB (A) max.

Operating Condition

59–86°F (15–30°C), 30–75%RH (no condensation)


Measuring cup, Funnel, Installation parts kit, Replacement parts kit, Replenisher tanks, and Operation manual.

Optional Equipment

Light shield panel

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Space Saving, Fast, Simple, Reliable

A quality 90 second x-ray film processor built and priced to make in-house film developing cost-effective for small offices, clinics, satellite health care facilities, and mobile installations.  Special versions of this processor are available for those sites desiring to specialize in mammographic film processing.

Simple Operation

Ease of operation makes the unit simple for all staff members to use.

Space Saving Size

The AFP MINI-MED / 90™ requires a minimum of precious dark room space; it measures only 33" X 22" X 24" overall, with only a 21" footprint.  Processed film exits from the top, back to the operator, allowing the unit to fit handily into corners or flush against walls.


The entire drive system is designed to take advantage of AFP's technological advances.  Our tank system now features a completely new molded plastic uni-body design.  A capacitor start motor assures quiet and reliable operation.  Worm drive greatly reduces the load on the drive system and extends motor life.  A reliable electromechanical film detector allows the MINI-MED / 90™ to accept all standard sizes and colors of x-ray film.

Automatic Standby

During periods of inactivity, the drive motor and pumps shut off automatically reducing energy consumption and mechnaical wear.  Temperatures are maintained electronically.

Light Proof Covered Feed Tray - reduces time in the dark.



Silver Recovery Connection

Fixer drainage hose fittings are compatible with most standard silver recovery units.

Solid State Circuitry

Modular, state-of-the-art electronics are designed to assure reliable operation with minimal start-up and reset times.  New audible tone alerts operator that processor is ready to accept another film.

Quick & Versatile

The MINI-MED / 90™ handles films as small as 4 inches and as large as 14" X 36", and can process 90 14" X 17" films per hour.  An optional "No Plumbing" Kit allows the unit to function on self-contained chemicals, making the AFP MINI-MED / 90™ ideal for mobile installations or in areas of strict EPA regulations regarding processor effluent disposal.

Built-In Quality Control

Audible and visual indicators add to operator convenience by signaling when the processor is ready to accept another film.

Developer Level & Temperature Indicator

Two separate indicator lights let the operator know the developer solution is at the proper level and that it has reached the optimum temperature for film processing.



Constant Readiness Design

A Special "jog" cycle keeps rollers wet while the machine is in standby, thus guaranteeing quality processing throughout the day.

Automatic Chemical Replenisher

An electronic activating system replenishes soluitons automatically keeping all chemicals used in the MINI-MED / 90™ at peak operating efficiency.

Interlocking Crossover

Films travel from tank to tank with minimum exposure to air.  The tank's new molded plastic uni-body design and the interlocking design of each rack simplify removal.

Automatic Wash Water Control

Minimizes the consumption of water by eliminating flow during standby mode.  Approximately I pint of fresh water is added during each "jog" cycle to eliminate algae problems associated with standing water.

Infrared Dryer

Energy efficient "I.R. heat lamps" dry each film quickly and quietly. "Pivot-back" dryer rack enables easy access to wash section.

Simple Installation

The AFP MINI-MED / 90™ runs on standard electrical current (115V) and requires only a cold water line connection.  The unit is UL approved.

Mini-Med 90 Specifications



33 in. (83.8cm) / 21 in. (53.3cm) base


22 in (55.9cm) / 21 in. (53.3cm)


24.5 in. (62.2cm) / 21 in. (53.3cm)

Height Of Base

29 in. (74cm)

Film Size Accommodated

Minimum - 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm)

Maximum - 14 x 36 in. (36 x 92 cm)

Film Types Accommodated

Standard X-Ray film suitable for 90 sec. procession (RP)

Chemistry Types

Chemistry suitabel for rapid processing (RP)

Tank Capacities (Each Tank)

1.9 gal (7.2 liters)

Power Requirements

115 V, 60 Hz, 1PH, 15 Amp

220 V, 50 Hz, 1PH, 7.5 Amp

220 V, 60 Hz, 1PH, 7.5 Amp

Water Supply

1/4 gal / min (0.9 liters/min)*

* No water consumption during "standby mode"

Weight Net w/Solutions

100 lb (45.5 kg)

150 lb (68.2 kg)

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AGFA CP 1000


Agfa Reliability, Tabletop Convenience

  • The CP 1000 uses a simple, accessible film transport system with
    fewer rollers instead of conventional heavy roller racks. Clean-up is
    much easier
  • The CP 1000 uses an infrared dryer instead of the typical hot-air
    dryer. It’s fast-drying, quiet and energy efficient
  • The CP 1000 uses only 400 watts of power, compared with the
    typical 1500 watts for other processors. In standby mode it uses
    only 100 watts
  • The rapid start-up time allows the CP 1000 to be shut off when
    not in use and restarted only when needed. It can be ready for
    processing from a cold start in only seven minutes

Totally Self-Contained

Designed and built with the same
reliability as our large, high-volume
processors, the CP 1000 is ideal for diagnostic offices, military field clinics, remote departments, and chiropractic and veterinary offices. It is also an excellent backup for your regular processor. The CP 1000 provides consistent, high-quality processing of film sizes ranging from 4" × 4" up to 14" × 36" for applications with moderate patient/film volume.

Fast Processing

With its 125-second cycle time (leading edge into developer to leading edge at dryer), the CP 1000 provides quick access to finished radiographs.

Energy Efficient

The CP 1000 operates on only 400 watts of power. Economical stand-by mode reduces power to 100 watts when the processor is idle. To further reduce power consumption, the processor may be turned off when not in active use, then, because of its fast warm-up time, quickly restarted.


Easy Film Processing

Simply open the optional Feed Tray/Light Cover, feed the film into the processor, and close the Light Cover as soon as the film has cleared the feed tray. You’re free to leave the darkroom without risk of fogging the film. Film is deposited into the receiver tray, ready for
viewing in about two minutes. The CP 1000 may also be operated without using the Feed Tray/Light Cover.

Easy Operation

There are only three controls:

  • Power ON/OFF switch – Turns processor and tank heaters on
  • Manual Replenishment Key/Film Feed Light – Used to manually start the replenishment cycle when the processor has been idle
    for more than a day. The Film Feed Light is illuminated during the replenishment cycle and when film is passing through the processor. When the light turns off, a new film may be fed into the processor
  • Dryer temperature step-switch – adjusts the temperature of the infrared dryer as required

CP 1000 Specifications

Dimensions (without Light Cover)

39" W x 25.5" D x 17" H

Clearance Dimensions

41" W x 27" D x 28" H

Minimum Counter Required

26" x 26"

Film Size Accommodated

Minimum - 4" x 4" (10 x 10 cm)

Maximum Width - 14"

Tank Capacities (all tanks)

0.24 gal (0.9 liter)

Power Requirements

120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1100 W max

Standby Mode

100 W

Average Power Consumption 400 W/hr


119 lb - empty

154 lb - with chemistry and water

Film Transport Speed 11 in/min (28.5 cm/min)
Processing Time 125 sec (leading edge to leading edge)

60 films/hour (10" x 12")

Warm-Up Time 7 minutes
Automatic Standby Mode Manual replenishment key
Infrared Dryer 60 ± 1dB (A)

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The X-Ray Film Processor For The New Millennium

The Back to the basics features of the MicroMax are designed to deliver high-output for it's compact size.

The MicroMax is value priced to ideally serve the moderate film developing needs of the private practice market, including medical and veterinary clinics, diagnostic and chiropractic care centers as well as mobile diagnostic applications.

  • Micro Max utilizes Hope's unique low torque, no crossover hard roller transport system
  • Micro Max's quiet, powerful, low energy dryer easily dries film under any condition
  • Micro Max's "dual" automatic replenishment system may replenish either by measuring film area or by flooded replenishment with manual operation back-up!
  • Automatic energy and water saving standby system with built-in jog feature. Manual operation back-up!
  • Film may be delivered either on top or rear exit
  • Micro Max may be installed thru-the-wall at either feed or dryer end
  • Micro Max may be set up at different speeds from 90 to 135 seconds
  • Plugs into any standard wall outlet
  • Cold water operation - no hot water required!
  • Separate drains provide for quick draining of solutions, closed loop operation and easy use of silver recovery systems
  • Light tight feed tray reduces darkroom time and eliminates costly darkroom passage systems
  • Digital display of developer and dryer temperatures
  • Sales and survice supported by factory trained worldwide dealer network

Micro Max Specifications

Length (overall) 38.25" (97.2 cm)
Width 22.25" (56.5 cm)
Height (without base) 25.25" (64.1 cm)
Height (with base) 54.50" (138.43 cm)

Processing Time: (Leading edge to leading eage)*

Standard Processing Cycle - 135 Seconds
Intermediate Processing Cycle - 112 Seconds
Rapid Processing Cycle - 90 Seconds
* Other processing cycles available
Processing Capacity:

Standard Process:
68 (10" x 12") films/hour; 45 (14" x 1 7") films/hour
Rapid Process:
110 (10" x 12") f ilms/hour; 70 (14" x 17") films/hour

Film Size:

From 4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm) up to 14" (35.5cm) wide by any standard length

Processor Tank Capacities:

Developer 1.2 gals/4.3 ltr
Fixer 0.9 gal/3.3 ltr
Wash 0.9 gal/3.3 ltr


11OV, 60 Hz, 14 amp
22OV, 50/60 Hz, 7.5 amp - 1 ph

Water Requirements: (GPM) Operating 0.25 GPM/.95 ltr
Standby 0.00 gal/0.0 ltr

Shipping Weight:

195 lb/88.6 kg

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