Table Mounted Generator Systems

By integrating the generator into the table, there are significant ease-of-use benefits. Changes to technique setting are quickly facilitated without leaving the table. Visual information of the settings are conveniently displayed. Additionally, the integrated generator table concept significantly reduced floor space requirements an difficulty of installation. Either system require only 35” x 56” of floor space.

Simplex Cassette Tray

Each system includes a patented Simplex cassette tray. There are no moving parts, so it's twice as easy to load. Accepts 8” x 10”, 10” x 12” and 14” x 17” cassettes in the long or cross direction.

Convenient Light Beam Collimator

Provides a high intensity light field for quick, accurate positioning. “Soft start” bulb power circuits double bulb life. Swivel mechanism facilitates table-top procedures. Exceeds federal standards for radiation leakage protection. Shutter actuators designed for use with lead gloves. Rubber edged collimator prevents operator head injury.





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AV2 Integrated 60 Hz System Simplified Operator Control Panel

The maximum generator output is 300 mA at 125 kV and features an easy to use control panel resulting in minimal retakes. Two mA stations provide fast exposure for small and large tube filaments. Eighteen time stations, as low as 1/120 th for precise time resolution. Major and minor kV selectors provide resolution within one kV of desired value. Completely sealed from animal fluids.
Tubestand Mounted Digital Display

Important exposure information is prominently displayed on the system tubestand, easily within the operator's line of sight. Special protective covers eliminate any possible animal damage.

AV3 Integrated High Frequency System 30 kW Power

The AV3 System produces x-ray images with improved resolution and contrast while affording the operator fast, easy technique selection. Compared to conventional 60 Hertz generators, High Frequency technology produces more x-ray in less time. Exposure time reduction will minimize image blur caused by motion. By producing a more effective kV, HF technology improves penetration power, allowing for lower kV settings. The resulting scatter radiation is minimized, eliminating gray, fogged films.
The front mounted control panel provides important exposure information and easy access for persons of any height. Completely sealed from animal fluids.

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